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The Red Sox, the Matrix and the Curse

The Red Sox, the Matrix and the Curse

New England-based supplier Comrex thinks maybe, just maybe, their codecs helped win the World Series.
How? Well, it turns out Babe Ruth was walking the floor at the recent NAB Radio Show, and Comrex execs Kris Bobo and Tom Hartnett chatted with him.
“The ‘Babe’ was so impressed by the Matrix at the NAB Radio Show he decided to lift the curse,” Bobo wrote to Radio World. “Tom and I talked with him for quite a while. We asked him to reverse the Curse of the Bambino. He performed an entire ritual, waving his arms while saying ‘Badabing, badaboom, I reverse the curse…”
Bobo continued: “Now I’m not trying to say that Comrex played any role in the recent Red Sox success, other than helping to deliver the games through the use of Matrix codecs. But it is a striking coincidence.”
For proof, the company posted a photo at – although to us, the Babe looks more like Jackie Gleason.
We also note that the editor of Radio World is a native New Yorker and thus skeptical of this report.