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Through a Google Glass Aurally

KCRW finds its Google Glass more than half full

“Is Google Glass our Cyborgian future made real? Or a gizmo without a purpose that will join the dust-heap of bad tech ideas?”

These were some of the questions aired by KCRW(FM), an NPR affiliate station broadcasting out of Santa Monica, Calif., in a recent episode of its tech program “DnA.” Host Frances Anderson interviewed guests the Huffington Posts’s Bianca Bosker and KCRW’s own Betsy Moyer on their role as “alpha testers” for Google’s futuristic latest invention, Google Glass. The wearable eyeglasses/computer interface claims to allow users to do many digital things hands-free, almost as if the user is the computer.

(It has also caused some skepticism about how or whether it really works. For extra homework, watch this hilarious video of “Saturday Night Live”’s Fred Armisen “giving the product a whirl,” posted here by NPR’s “All Tech Considered.”)

Bianca Bosker is executive tech editor at Huffington Post. She told KCRW that Google Glass has “virtually direct access to our brains […] It can talk to us any time we have it on and I think it raises a real question, how are people going to handle that responsibility?”

KCRW Director of Digital Content Strategy, Betsy Moyer, is documenting her own learning process with the “sometimes funny device” in an official blog for KCRW. See what she’s created using Google Glass here.