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TI Introduces Updated Eureka Chip

TI Introduces Updated Eureka Chip

Texas Instruments has an upgraded DSP chip for Eureka-147 ready for receiver manufacturers. The DRE310 is a programmable single chip that can be used in different applications including car, portable and handheld radios.
A new baseband integrates MP3 and Windows Media Audio CD support onto the same silicon. The chip uses software from RadioScape, Ltd.
“TI’s DRE310 digital baseband allows us to quickly develop differentiated digital radio products for the market, such as the DR301 portable multimedia DAB receiver with time-shift recording, a built-in MP3 player and voice recorder, scheduled for release in the 4th quarter of 2003,” said Ike Park, CEO of Personal Telecom, in a statement from TI.
TI says its chip also accepts a wider range of audio and data bit rates than its previous models. An audio rate of up to 384 kilobits per second allows the system to receive the full range of digital audio signals, and the supported data rates can process Digital Multimedia Broadcast applications.
Automotive DAB/CD radios must decode the variety of broadcasted bit rates and support different CD audio decoders such as WMA, MP3 and pulse code modulation. Eureka radios using this chip can support FM and “ensemble” switching to ensure uninterrupted listening when leaving a DAB coverage area. These radios also will support the software protocol for delivering road traffic updates and announcement support, which tunes receivers to real-time news flashes or emergency information broadcasted on another channel, TI stated.