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Tieline Commander G3, i-Mix G3 Support Audio Over IP

Tieline Commander G3, i-Mix G3 Support Audio Over IP

Tieline Technology now offers IP-based connections with its Commander G3 and i-Mix G3 platforms. Audio-over-IP capability lets stations connect over the Internet and deliver mono and stereo audio for remote broadcasts.
The new IP software has been integrated into the Commander G3 field codec and i-Mix G3 codec. Also, broadcasters can go wireless over 802.11 Wi-Fi. The company touts the “failover technology” option, which lets users go to a backup network should their main Internet connection fail.
“If the venue or remote broadcast has a DHCP LAN which can access a broadband Internet service, then all you need to do is connect the codec to the LAN port, dial the studio and you’re on the air,” said Kevin Webb of Tieline America. “Even if the venue does not have a corporate LAN, many of the latest DSL routers have the ability to assign an IP address to equipment and you can attach the codec to a LAN port on the DSL router.”
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