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Time to Resolve Those Auction 100 FM Translator Proposals

Window to be open from May 24 through June 14

It’s ready, set, go! for those applicants who need to smooth out any engineering issues as part of their Auction 100 FM translator proposal.

The Federal Communications Commission opened the window from May 24 through June 14 for those applicants who applied for a cross-service FM translator in the January 2018 filing window.

This window gives applicants a short window to resolve mutual exclusives with others applying for the same channel. The amendment must resolve all mutual exclusives between the engineering proposal and other engineering proposals in the MX group.

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Parties seeking to resolve mutual exclusives must file one of two things — a technical resolution amendment or a joint request for approval of their settlement agreement. And applicants who submit a technical resolution amendment should fill out a specific form: the amended FCC Form 349, Section I, Tech Box of Section III-A as well as the Section VI Certification.

Information can be submitted electronically through the Media Bureau’s Consolidated Database System online filing system.

The applicants in this MX group can be found here.