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Tool Finds Signal Strength Using ZIP Codes

Tool Finds Signal Strength Using ZIP Codes

V-Soft Communications had added a ZIP code-signal lookup feature to its Web site. The tool, a free service, can find signal strength of AM and FM stations at ZIP code centers anywhere in the United States.
Once the user enters the desired code at the prompt, the program then searches at the ZIP code center coordinates and displays AM stations with threshold signal of 45 dBu and FM stations with a signal level of 50 dBu. Station call sign, city of license, state, frequency, signal in dBu and mV/m and facility identification number are provided.
The tool also allows the user to search the database using a station call sign.
Signal calculations are made using standard FCC methods, which include 30 arc-second NGDC terrain elevation database for FM and use of the M3 groundwave curves for AM. Directional patterns are considered and V-Soft claims the information is an accurate representation of a station’s signal strength.