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Tower Fine Pegged at $7,000 For WNAM

Tower Fine Pegged at $7,000 For WNAM

The FCC fined Cumulus, licensee of WNAM(AM), Oshkosh, Wis., $7,000 for not maintaining a locked fence around one of its towers. The station uses a five-tower array. In August 2001, a field agent inspecting the towers noted that the fence surrounding one of the structures had fallen, “allowing unrestricted access to the base of the antenna,” states the commission in its order this week. In September of 2001, the FCC found Cumulus apparently liable for the $7,000 fine.
Cumulus said it had a new fence built that same month and asked for the fine to be canceled. The company said that while the station engineer makes weekly visits to the tower site, this tower is a quarter mile away from the others. Tall corn growing around the tower at the time of the inspection hampered the engineer’s ability to see the fence, said Cumulus.
The FCC said it’s “essential that a licensee actually inspect each tower at the site” and not just “visit” the site. The agency declined to reduce or cancel the fine and said the station has 30 days to pay the penalty.