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Traffic Directors Day Is Nov. 2

Yes, there is a day for saluting your station's 'artisans of the inventory'

Monday, Nov. 2 is Traffic Directors Day.

Actually the day is aimed at a wider swathe of traffic, continuity and business department personnel. Share the joy!

Traffic Directors Guild of America CEO Larry Keene describes increased workload thanks to staff reductions at radio stations along with an expansion of places where ads can be placed in the wake of new media opportunities: “Modern traffic software has become an extraordinary toll for these artisans of the inventory. But the high-tech skills required to operate the complex systems cries out for an occasional ‘time out’ to hear from colleagues within the profession.”

The day was first celebrated in 2000. Nov. 2 is also the traditional anniversary of the first commercial radio broadcast, KDKA’s election returns broadcast in Pittsburgh in 1922.