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Traffic Directors: No More Notarizing

Traffic Directors: No More Notarizing

Members of The Traffic Directors Guild of America want an end to the practice of notarizing invoices for billing, except co-op ad documents, and have created a billing statement instead.
“We’ve incorporated a 13-year old recommendation of the Broadcast Cable Credit Association and Broadcast Cable Financial Management Association and updated it to reflect today’s marketplace realities,” said Larry Keene, CEO of the trade association.
“TDGA believes invoices issued by radio or television stations are complete in themselves and should require no additional warranties, verifications or affidavits,” the group stated. It aimed its recommendation at stations that now add sworn, notarized statements to add validity to invoices.
A copy of its position statement is available by e-mail request to [email protected]. TDGA represents traffic directors, traffic managers other personnel involved in scheduling and billing.