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TuneTracker Aims Command Center at Mainstream DJs

TuneTracker Aims Command Center at Mainstream DJs

TuneTracker Systems says it is targeting mainstream broadcasters with a high-end version of its TuneTracker radio automation product, which offers a new interface and feature set.
TuneTracker Command Center is suitable for hands-on DJ use and features a control console, soundboard and real-time weather information. Also included are “ShuttlePad” drag-and-drop program log editing, a “Lightning” request finder, live announce script display and talk-over ramp information.
This interface was designed with announcers in mind, according to designer Dane Scott. “We limited the interface to a single window to avoid the confusion multiple windows can cause, and chose muted colors to reduce eye strain during long DJ shifts. There’s built-in context help for every feature, and you can also pull up our entire manual from a button right on the front of the interface.”
Scott said “MyShow” buttons are configurable for each announcer. “Every button can be used to fire an audio cut or to display a script or show prep notes.”
The program’s scrolling text box doubles as a method of retrieving and displaying “tips and tricks,” available weekly from TuneTracker Systems via the Internet, as well as a monthly newsletter.
Additional highlights include the ability to play announcements directly from the Internet, version 3 of TuneStacker music selection and program log generation, and a set of professionally voiced time and temperature announcements.

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