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Typical GM Compensation: $252,000

Typical GM Compensation: $252,000

The average general manager in commercial radio received a quarter-million dollars in compensation in 2001, according to the NAB’s annual salary survey. The average base salary for GMs was $186,783. With bonuses and incentives included, the average was $252,191.
Some other notable job categories: Chief engineers averaged $67,842 in compensation; general sales managers averaged about $157,000; program directors averaged about $102,000; news directors averaged $53,434; typical promotions assistants got $28,460.
Salaries varied widely by region and market size; and in some cases the median average differs widely. For instance, the highest-paid morning talent in the survey made $1.5 million, substantially contributing to the average of $120,136 for that time slot. The median morning talent package, however, was only $65,000; an equal number of people had compensation above and below that point.
The report “Radio Station Salaries: 2002” provides averages for major job categories and breaks down the data by market size, station revenue and formats. The report can be purchased by calling (800) 368-5644.