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U.K. Groceries to Sell Eureka-147 Radios

U.K. Groceries to Sell Eureka-147 Radios

Along with their eggs, tomatoes and other food, shoppers in the United Kingdom will soon be able to buy Eureka-147 digital radios. Supermarket chains Tesco and Sainsbury’s will stock DAB digital radios over the next few months. Sainsbury’s plans to roll out the units in 125 outlets and Tesco in 17 stores, according to the Digital Radio Development Bureau, a group that markets Eureka-147 radio in the U.K.
Ian Dickens, Chief Executive of the Digital Radio Development Bureau says: “The fact that two of the UK’s supermarket brands have seen the potential for DAB digital radio is a clear sign that the transition from early adopter to mass market take up is underway.
The group claims consumer awareness of DAB digital radio in the U.K. is at 30%, and that the number of retailers stocking DAB digital radio has grown from 600 to more than 3,000 in one year.