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Ultrasone Headset Features S-Logic, DPA Mini Mic

Ultrasone Headset Features S-Logic, DPA Mini Mic

Ultrasone is out with what it bills as “the ultimate broadcaster’s headset.” The HFI-700 HSD uses the company’s S-Logic technology and a DPA microphone.
The supplier touts it for low distortion and driver positioning that lets the user listen at lower sound pressure levels to reduce fatigue and protect ears.
The microphone portion uses a DPA mini head-worn mic. The DPA 4088 (cardioid) or DPA 4066 (omni) is joined to the headphone with an articulating mount and disconnect. A six-foot cable terminates to a fan-out with a 1/4-inch stereo plug for monitoring and a 3-pin female XLR for the mic. 5V -50 V phantom power is required for the mic. Custom cable length and connector termination are available.
The company says the HFI-700 HFD will retail for $750.
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