Unique AM Triplexer for BCC Taiwan

LBA Technology designed unit to meet very specific site demands
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Broadcasting Corp. of China (??????) in Taiwan recently installed a medium-wave triplexer system from LBA Technology at a challenging site in the middle of a lake.

The site, according to an entry on the LBA corporate blog, “required that the triplexer operate into an electrically short tower in the middle of a lake, with only a small platform area 30 feet [about 9 meters] above the water available for the tower base and the triplexing equipment.”

An LBA Q-Cage broadbanding kit was specified for the tower to improve matching impedances, and the triplexer system was designed in three independent ATU–RF filter combinations, which are clusted around the tower base in weatherproof cabinets.

The triplexer allows the multiplexing of three medium-wave transmitters into a single antenna; for BCC, the system operates on 531 kHz, 648 kHz and 963 kHz at 10 kW of power and 125 percent modulation for each frequency.

Broadcast Electronics delivered the system to Taiwan.


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