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Unkfer Buys WAMD, Plans AM Strategy

Unkfer Buys WAMD, Plans AM Strategy

Citing the potential impact of HD Radio on AM, a Dallas businessman is buying a Maryland radio station.
Big D Broadcasting is owned by Ronald Unkefer. He said he is pursuing a strategy to own and operate local AM stations in large and small markets.
“I am excited by the long-term potential of AM as a cost-effective information and niche services band,” he said in the announcement. “Over the next several years, I expect wide adoption of in-band digital HD Radio, which will allow AM stations to compete more effectively with FM.”
He is buying WAMD(AM) of Aberdeen, Md., from Mackk Broadcasting, pending FCC approval, and expects to maintain its oldies format. Separately, the company expects to close shortly on its purchase of WAAM(FM) in Ann Arbor, Mich.
Unkefer’s radio interests include First Broadcasting Investment Partners, which is a separate company.