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Upton Names Commerce Staff Director

Gary Andres first served GOP in Bush 41’s White House

Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan, incoming GOP chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, has named Gary Andres as his committee staff director for the 112th Congress.

Andres and Upton have worked together on various issues, dating to Andres’ tenure in the Office of Legislative Affairs in the administration of the first President Bush. Upton said Andres “knows how to focus like a laser beam to get the job done” and called him “one of the most respected, most knowledgeable individuals in Republican policy [with] the demeanor and relationships to help advance our agenda.”

Andres brings a policy background to Capitol Hill. He’s now vice chairman of Public Policy and Research at Dutko Worldwide. His writing career as a conservative voice includes serving as a weekly columnist for The Weekly Standard Online, and regularly contributing to publications like Politico, National Review, RealClearPolitics, and Roll Call. Andres served as deputy assistant for legislative affairs to President George H.W. Bush and was an advisor for the George W. Bush presidential transition team.

Andres is also a research fellow at the American University Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies in Washington.

Upton to Chair House Commerce in Next Congress