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ViaRadio to Sell RDS Gear

ViaRadio to Sell RDS Gear

A former radio GM and engineer has opened a company in Florida, viaRadio Corp., to sell a line of RDS equipment built by German company 2wcom into the United States.
Bill Marriott is the president; his experience includes building a 700-station RDS network in North America for Terion.
Products available from viaRadio Corp. include DSP-based RDS encoders, a low-cost data receiver for billboard applications and an emergency warning radio system.
New is the VA20 Market Monitoring Decoder, which is marketed as a professional FM-measurement and RDS decoding system with multi-station scanning, sampling and MP3 audio streaming to skim the market via TCP/IP remotely.
“RDS can be much more that just scrolling text,” said Marriott in the announcement, “and now that RDS has finally caught on in the U.S., we feel it makes sense to introduce this top-quality equipment and application support for group-wide networks and applications such as traffic message channel, emergency warning radios and electronic billboards.”
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