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WBOI Begins Multicasting With Help From NPR Prez

WBOI Begins Multicasting With Help From NPR Prez

Non-commercial FM station WBOI in Fort Wayne, Ind. is splitting its digital signal into three channels on 89.1 MHz: a combination of NPR news and jazz, classical and a new 24-hour jazz format.
Representatives from BE joined NPR President/CEO Kevin Klose in Fort Wayne to mark the first day of HD Radio multicasting on WBOI.
Broadcast Electronics and NPR believe the station is the first public station in that state, and the first station of any kind in northeast Indiana, to multicast.
Northeast Indiana Public Radio Inc. is the community licensee for WBNI and WBOI.
WBOI is using a BE transmitter with digital FM exciter high-level combined with another BE transmitter into a shared antenna system. An IDi 20 Data Importer is providing the bandwidth scaling necessary to multicast the signals through one transmission system.