WGUC Tries Surround Sound Broadcasts

WGUC Tries Surround Sound Broadcasts
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Another pubcaster begins experimenting with surround sound.
Cincinnati's classical public radio outlet WGUC(FM) conducted a series of surround sound test broadcasts featuring recorded programs from the Cincinnati May Festival's 2004 season. In a statement, station executives said, "The successful trial is a noteworthy development which sets WGUC apart as the first station in Ohio to broadcast locally produced surround sound programming."
The station was the first public radio facility in Ohio to go digital. The station signed its license with Ibiquity Digital in April 2003 and went IBOC shortly after.
Now the station says in 2001, when it committed to a "major investment in surround sound equipment for its Corbett Studio recording and production facility, its focus was geared toward recording major performance ensembles and using those recordings to produce superior surround sound encoded broadcasts, CDs and DVDs."
With the latest May Festival broadcast series airing this month, WGUC hopes its surround sound investment "will reap additional rewards by capitalizing on the inherent synergies created through recording production and broadcast."
Read more in an upcoming issue of Radio World.
Denver's KUVO(FM), also broadcasting in digital like WGUC, recently aired a concert in surround sound.


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