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Whirlwind Takes Ethernet Via Laser Beam

Whirlwind Takes Ethernet Via Laser Beam

In Dallas for a sound contracting convention, Whirlwind is demonstrating something different – the DLS1 Digital Laser System. It uses a laser to transmit and receive digital information.
“Ethernet or CobraNet protocols have rapidly emerged as the standards for digital audio and video, and control transmissions (including) CobraNet, MPEG, AMX, DMX, RS232,” the company stated at the NSCA show.
“The DLS1 offers the ability to transmit these protocols securely over an infrared laser beam.” Whirlwind CEO Michael Laiacona made the announcement.
The company says the system offers 2 GB bandwidth for transmitting and receiving large amounts of data, including hundreds of channels of CobraNet audio in real time. “The DLS1 is not intended to totally replace structured cable,” the company said, but its implementation into a copper and fiber delivery system can reduce costs associated with construction, conduit and termination issues.