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WideOrbit Acquires Fivia

Broadcast software developer acquires media business software developer

Broadcast business and operations software developer WideOrbit has announced the acquisition of Fivia, a Paris-based developer of advertising business software often used by publishers.

The specific terms were not released but a press release indicated that Fivia’s day-to-day operations would not be immediately affected.

Fivia’s digital advertising management software is similar to some of WideOrbit’s products and services, notably the WideOrbit WO Traffic — Internet Orders. A release indicated that eventually there would be some merging of the two.

Major users of Fivia products and services include Viacom, Time, Gannett, Mashable in the U.S. and Orange, Canal+, M6, TF1 and ITV in Europe. Its revenues were evenly split between the two. The company was founded in 1999. It was owned by IPMG, an Australian investment group.

WideOrbit Founder and CEO Eric R. Mathewson explained, “WideOrbit is committed to providing our clients with a comprehensive solution that will help them manage operations across both linear and non-linear advertising efficiently and profitably.”

He added, “Fivia’s software also extends our solutions to the digital operations of traditional magazine and newsprint publishers where WideOrbit previously did not have a solution.”