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WideOrbit Releases WO Traffic v23.0

The company has a webinar available to explore the changes

WideOrbit has issued version 23.0 of WO Traffic, its ad traffic operations platform for radio and TV. 

It said the benefits include enhanced spot-level order validation, streamlined material approvals and multi-select for mass import of Material Instructions.

“The newest release of WO Traffic introduces significant improvements to the user experience, streamlining workflows to improve efficiency and productivity,” the company said in its announcement.

Among the changes:

  • Orders+ gets a new look, more functions and the ability to multi-select single Orders to quickly create an Orders+ Group.
  • There are new options to add a Property more easily to Advertisers, Agencies, Credit Profiles and Contacts.
  • A new report brings together Format Instance Details across days, Properties and Channels, with an efficiency tool for working with many formats across Properties at once.
  • A new Zoom option provides a user-controlled option to increase the application size, including fonts and grids. The company says this is an often-requested feature.
  • Order Validation is expanded to support validation rules for Spot-level values. 
  • An added process can receive and view lift impressions for ads not replaced on a stream when using WO Traffic’s Addressable Ad Replacement.
  • New Placer conflict and override tools help manage oversell of bookends.
  • An optional process at log finalization can create up to seven days of automation-ready playlist files for use in the event of an emergency.
  • An Electronic Material Instructions Trial tool allows users without a license to “test drive” the module by creating their own simple Electronic Material Instructions records and importing them. 

The company has a webinar available exploring what’s new in WO Traffic v23.0.

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