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Winston: Black Owned Broadcasters Must Adapt to Change

Winston: Black Owned Broadcasters Must Adapt to Change

Executive Director of the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters Jim Winston encourages members to adapt to their changing marketplace, diversify and expand.
“We have to adapt our thinking to the new marketplace. If major broadcasters are coming after you in your format, in your marketplace, you must do the same. You must expand your definition of what it means to be a black broadcaster,” said Winston. “Competing in your market today may not simply mean programming for an urban or African American audience. It may mean hanging your format; it may mean buying rock, talk, news or sports stations.”
Black owned broadcasters such as Radio One, Inner City Broadcasting and Access 1 have followed this formula to success, he said.
Winston’s message and the accomplishments of NABOB will be celebrated at the association’s 20th annual communications awards dinner on March 12 in Washington. This year’s honorees include Gordon Parks, Jeffrey Wright, Elaine Jones, Patti LaBelle, Bobby Blue Band and others. Info: