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U.S. Black Chambers Acquires NABOB

The advocacy group has also launched the USBC Media Network

Logo of U.S. Black Chambers Inc., a blue circle with white text with the name of the organizationThe National Association of Black-Owned Broadcasters has been acquired by U.S. Black Chambers Inc.

NABOB will become part of a new division there called the USBC Media Network.

“This strategic alliance heralds the dawn of an exciting new era — one that holds the promise of transforming our encounters with Black media, culture, narratives and enterprises,” its new parent said.  It called this “a monumental milestone in our journey towards immersive storytelling, the creation of diverse content and the advancement of economic empowerment.”

USBC Media Network will oversee the USBC Radio Network, NABOB, USBC Events and USBC Media programs and initiatives. Ron Busby is president and CEO of USBC.

NABOB calls itself “the first and only trade organization representing the interests of African-American owners of radio, television and digital media” in the United States. It was organized in 1976 by a small group of African-American broadcasters. According to its website, Blacks make up 13% of the American population but own fewer than 180 of the more than 11,000 commercial radio stations in the country, or 1.6%, and only 25 of the 1,374 full-power television stations, 1.8%.

James Winston is president of NABOB, which he joined as executive director and general counsel in 1982; he now appears on the USBC website, listed as NABOB president.

The USBC called the acquisition “strategic” and said it would enable collaboration among USBC’s 169 chambers, which represent approximately 300,000 Black businesses, and NABOB radio stations.

“Consequently, it will forge indispensable advertising pathways for Black-owned businesses and advertisers, spanning both Black-owned radio stations and digital platforms. This expansion promises to amplify the influence and outreach of these vital enterprises.”

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