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WKHP(LP) Fined for Unauthorized Operation

Also penalized for late renewal, but license is renewed

The FCC issued a $500 Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture to Keene Foursquare Church, licensee of WKHP(LP), Keene, N.H., for filing its renewal late and operating while unauthorized.

The agency said in its decision the station should have filed its renewal application by Dec.1, 2005, but didn’t do so; and its license expired on April 1, 2006. WKHP(LP) didn’t file for an extension, but finally filed for renewal in early 2008 with no explanation for operating without authorization for nearly two years, according to the commission.

Because WKHP had been licensed previously, the commission reduced the fine for late renewal from the $3,000 base penalty to $250. For the same reason, the agency also cut the base amount of operating without a license from $10,000 to $250.

The total proposed fine for WKHP(LP) is $500. Keene Foursquare Church can pay the fine or seek to have it reduced or cancelled.

In looking at the station’s application for renewal, the agency found no pattern of abuse and found it in the public interest to renew the license.