Wordspace Goes Beyond Satellite Digital Radio

Wordspace Goes Beyond Satellite Digital Radio
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WorldSpace Corporation is branching out from selling subscription-based satellite digital radio overseas. The company is developing a sales unit dedicated to communication needs for governments. WorldSpace hopes to provide audio and datacasting services to government agencies looking to increase their communication abilities in areas that have little or no telecommunications infrastructure. WorldSpace hopes the government sales unit will provide an additional revenue channel for its subscription-based services.
WorldSpace has a multiple satellite system serving Africa, the Middle East, Asia and parts of Europe. The company plans to name its first contract with the U.S. government in the coming months.
"With our focus already on providing satellite services to those in emerging markets such as the Middle East and Asia, the next logical step was to make these services available to the government market," said WorldSpace Chairman/CEO Noah Samara. "As a result of the growing need for satellite communications by the government, focusing on this market allows us to identify increased revenue generation and partnering opportunities."


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