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WorldCast Gives Ecreso Users Free Access to SmartFM

In the context of COVID-19, its offering the software to all owners of Ecreso FM transmitters for one year

WorldCast Systems is letting all owners of Ecreso FM transmitters use its SmartFM technology gratis for one year.

SmartFM is compatible with recent generation Ecreso FM transmitters and users can activate it through a software upgrade or license activation.

According to the company, SmartFM can help stations save up to €4000 (about $4,300) per year when using an Ecreso FM 10 kW transmitter. Or they can save €400 (approximately $430) when using an Ecreso FM 1000 W transmitter.

“To support our customers during this tough period, it means a lot to us to contribute in some way. Covid-19 is impacting all industries, worldwide, including FM radio,” said Co-President, Nicolas Boulay. “During these uncertain economic times, limiting costs becomes crucial and for this reason, we are offering SmartFM.”

Worldcast says clients should contact their regional sales managers or email the company at [email protected] to activate SmartFM.