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XM’s Lefty Channel to Become ‘Air America Radio’

XM's Lefty Channel to Become 'Air America Radio'

XM will be the official satellite radio outlet for Air America, the new liberal radio network which debuted last year. Air America Radio calls itself the progressive entertainment talk radio network and features Al Franken, Randi Rhodes and Janeane Garofalo.
XM is renaming its liberal talk channel, America Left, as “Air America Radio” next month. The channel will include an expanded line-up of Air America Radio programming, including the new show hosted by Jerry Springer and the “Rachel Maddow Show,” among others. The channel will also feature programs carried now on XM’s America Left, including “The Ed Shultz Show” and “The Alan Colmes Show.”
Air America liked XM’s growing subscriber numbers (at nearly 3.8 million) and its Washington location while XM liked Air America’s rising listenership.
XM will offer the network dedicated studio space for live specials.