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YLE Selects NOA Audio Solutions

Finnish broadcaster standardizes on vendor for archiving practices

In Finland, national public broadcaster Yleisradio Oy Finland has standardized its Helsinki archiving operation on equipment and software from NOA Audio Solutions.

According to the company, YLE previously relied on a combination of solutions from both NOA and other vendors, but has now has replaced those products with a variety of NOA products to create an end-to-end NOA digitization chain.

“We’ve been running several NOA systems since 2003 with great success, so when it came time to review our installation, we decided to consolidate all ingest clients onto the NOA platform,” said Jouni Frilander, YLE systems manager.

“With NOA, we can extend our throughput with the integration of the existing archive workflows, including the connection to the database. We also appreciate the ability to detect splices and cuts on tape reliably via the N6035L tape light barrier,” Frilander explained.

YLE added software and hardware from NOA’s ingestLINE media transcription system, and also extended the capabilities of its existing actLINE software package. The new additions integrate with YLE’s other existing NOA products.