Z100 Presses Backup Plan Into Use for Madonna

APT codecs were used by Metro Broadcast Services for IP remote feed.
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WHTZ(FM) used APT WorldCast Meridian codecs to manage an hour-long remote interview with Madonna.

APT said Z100, the big Clear Channel station in New York, had intended to use ISDN but could not get the service in time from the telco supplier.

Metro Broadcast Services was contracted by Clear Channel to carry out the remote engineering; Bernie Courtney is the owner. He said the location for the interview couldn’t be confirmed in advance for security reasons.

The codecs sent the 15 kHz stereo interview to the studios via IP.


Creative Will Use Apt-X

APT inked a technology agreement with Creative, a supplier of digital entertainment products, for the use of apt-X audio codec technology in Creative's consumer electronics.