1961 Session on Stereo Foreshadowed 2011's

AES talked about FM stereo back then, too
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One of the highlights of this weekend's AES show will be the panel discussion Friday evening noting the 50th anniversary of the cutover to FM stereo in the United States.

Organizer David Bialik shared this image, below. I enjoy the sense of continuity and historic connection between the 1961 event and 2011's.

I wonder if anyone in attendance this weekend was at this event. I suspect Dick Burden, for one, was there.

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Session Offers a Lot to Process

CBS Audimax. Fairchild Conax. The Discriminate Audio Processor. Optimod 8000. The CP-803. Audio Prisms. The Aural Exciter. The Vigilante. If that list gets you lightheaded, book a flight to the fall AES show in San Francisco.

Phil Simon at the 2011 NAB Show

Video on the Radio Tuesday, April 12 The Comrex booth at NAB has always been a must stop for radio folks. Their usual excellent offering of ISDN, POTS, IP and wireless codecs have been staples for most stations for 50