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NextRadio Is a Laughing Matter

Comic strip mentions the interactive offering

NextRadio is showing up in the funny pages.

The folks at the Emmis-backed app business are smiling this week over seeing their product mentioned — if not by name — in the comic strip Barney & Clyde a couple of days ago.

The strip is created by Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten, son Dan Weingarten and artist David Clark and syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group. In their July 12 strip, a grandfather character is shown being drawn into using a cellphone by its usefulness as a radio. NextRadio highlights it on its blog over the headline “Barney & Clyde are talking about NextRadio app, you should too!” (Click on the image to see the original strip.)

NextRadio and parent Emmis, along with some radio industry partners, have been pushing hard to increase awareness of the app as well as the latent ability in many phones to receive local FM signals.