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Inside the Oct. 12, 2022 Issue of Radio World

Readers react to the FM stereo vs. mono debate

The cover of Radio World's Oct 12 2022 issue with an image of left- and right-channel meters on a classic radio tuner In earlier separate commentaries, engineers David Bialik and Gary Keener wrote that some FM radio stations would benefit by switching their broadcasts from stereo to mono, while Glynn Walden raised caution flags.

In this issue, read what your fellow readers have to say about that whole idea.

Also, the FCC targets landlords and property owners in its fight against FM pirates.

In Workbench, Frank Hertel troubleshoots spurious signals in an older FM exciter.

GatesAir celebrates a century in business, and we talk to its CEO about the impact of the recent acquisition by Thomson Broadcast.

Read it here.