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A Worldwide Radio Platform for Automotive

An updated and expanded introduction to the Xperi hybrid radio platform

Cover of ebook showing interior of a car, with DTS AutoStage features visible on the dashboard infotaintment screenDTS AutoStage is intended to provide a robust, consistent media experience for radio listeners in 21st century vehicles. This ebook provides an introduction to the Xperi platform and a status report on its new features and its uptake around the world.

Co-produced by Radio World and Xperi, the ebook has been updated and expanded in this new second edition.

Pierre Bouvard of Cumulus Media and Westwood One explains how radio broadcasters can benefit from new types of data and analytics that they’ll get when they participate.

Joe D’Angelo of Xperi lays out the value proposition for DTS AutoStage and provides an update on the integration of the platform by major carmakers. His colleague Joachim Gereon explains why time is of the essence for radio broadcasters.

Jaime Chaux of Commercial Radio & Audio in Australia discusses CRA’s support of the platform. John Clark updates us on NAB PILOT’s project to promote broadcast integration with Android Automotive. Further articles explore the presentation of on-screen lyrics; the role of metadata; the benefits to broadcasters of listener personalization; and more.

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