RDS Basics & Best Practices

A New Radio World eBook
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RDS Basics & Best Practices eBook

RDS in 2018 is a crucial component of how audiences perceive a radio station. Yet in the United States, radio managers and technologists frequently overlook it or don’t fully understand the basics. Radio World’s free eBook lays out essentials of the Radio Data System protocol and how to set RDS up, configure and use it for best results.

Who can actually see your RDS data? What is their experience like? What are the codes you need to know and why do they matter? How have RDS best practices changed in the past decade? What can we learn from how successful broadcasters are using RDS? What do you need to know about how RDS equipment interacts with elements of the air chain? The ebook explores these questions.

Alan Jurison starts with a review of the basics (though he adds that even industry veterans should consider breaking out of certain longtime RDS habits). Stu Buck explains why you may want to consider a middleware application. Doug Irwin helps you plug it all together to implement the transmission of RDS. And Alex Hartman talks about how to get artist/title/station taglines onto the radio display before your PD explodes.

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