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Dan’s Christmas Top 10

Who can live without “Six-Shooter Christmas”?

For this Off the Beaten Path, we look at my top 10 Christmas/Holiday websites, plus, to spread the joy, a few deserving of “honorable mention.”

A Christmas flash mob brings the crowd to life.

TV Commercials
Top 10 TV Christmas commercials.

A Christmas Radio Gift
Sylvania Skylark Radio Christmas Commercial from 1950s. A great looking radio, plus a reminder of the image artifacts of the old big image orthicon tube inside of TV cameras at the time.

Christmas Radio Theater
Many people still appreciate the old time “radio theater.” Here are two great old classics. First, “A Christmas Carol” (1949 to 1953), and then “Six Shooter: Christmas” with Jimmy Stewart, from NBC.

The Making of Memorable Office Parties
First we look at 18 Wild Office Holiday Party Stories.

And wondering how to throw an awful Christmas party? Here are some great (or would that be terrible?) ideas.

Christmas Radio Streams
Many stations around the world add Christmas music this time of year, while some are Christmas ALL the time. From Ireland comes Christmas FM.

This is from Outpost Radio — it’s Christmas oldies.

And if you need a little more, here’s All Christmas FM.

Extra Points for Creativity
You’ve probably seen many nativities, but not every manger scene looks like the next. Here’s what happens when you get “creative” with nativities.

Jingle All The Way
Here are a couple of links to old Christmas jingles and packages. We start with some old TM Century holiday jingles.

And we can enjoy more old Christmas jingles from the legendary JAM Productions.

Christmas Tree Rock Artist Ornaments
Still looking for a little gift for that favorite rock DJ of yours? How about a Morrissey or Bowie Christmas ornament?

Kmart In-Store Music From 1974
And finally, the best for last. This is fun to listen to and includes the in-store announcements from the Kmart stores in 1974 (which, at that time, fortunately had their music and announcements on tape prior to satellite and streaming).

If you stumble across a good or unusual website that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].