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Radio’s Rushmore

Guglielmo, Bill, Paul and Howard

In what is obviously click baiting and a cheap attempt at drumming up business for themselves (a very successful one at that), CRN International, a “40-year-old radio marketing company,” has offered what it calls its own radio-oriented version of Mount Rushmore.

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And who have they selected to replace George, Tom, Abe and Teddy?

Guglielmo, Bill, Paul and Howard — that would be Marconi, Paley, Harvey and Stern.


Edwin Howard Armstrong is once again dissed. David Sarnoff has technical and business points going for him. No Golden Age entertainer such as Jack Benny? Alan Freed anyone? Wolfman Jack? Rush Limbaugh? Mel Karmazin has certainly been influential on the business side.

The group did say on its


that it eliminated Limbaugh due to his “love him or hate him” polarizing tendencies (leaving one to wonder if they actually know who Howard Stern is).

But they could only pick four. There are a lot of faces that could be put up there.

Discuss among yourselves.