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More Variety … Less Repetition

It is the spice of life, after all

One of the first major market stations I worked at used that as a slogan. I always thought the slogan was redundant and lame. But it came to mind as I started piecing together this week’s “Off the Beaten Path.”

30 Rock Flying the Comcast Peacock
All things eventually change, and NBC has had a few owners over the years. This change just took place related to the Peacock network.

Offshore U.K. Pirate
Here’s awesome old 1965 footage of Radio Caroline, the “pirate” off the coast of the U.K., with a great old music soundtrack and original recordings.

Stephen Colbert Hits the Small Time
This was a cool find and really neat to see. It makes me like Colbert more for stepping in to fill the shoes of a public access TV show.

And finally …
Some may know more about “Light of My Life.” It was the very strange and funny short radio soap opera in ways similar to the TV show called “Soap.” It was oddly very much “off the beaten path.” I became familiar with it from airing it on Armed Forces Radio & TV in Madrid/Torrejon in the late 1980s. It aired during my morning show as a short feature. Hope you enjoy it.

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