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Super Bowl, Super Radio

Networks and stations announce Super Bowl coverage

KJR’s “Mitch in the Morning” show will be one of the station’s programs emanating from Phoenix during Super Bowl week.

It’s hard to miss the Super Bowl, on TV or radio, so overwhelming is the dedication, some would say obsession, of broadcasters with the game. Now the announcements begin: some obvious, having to do with actual game coverage, some more peripheral, every sports talker thinking they need to be on-site (maybe for a whole week!) in the Phoenix area, for the Feb. 1 game.

So it starts.

A Radio Row is being set up in the Phoenix Convention Center for everyone.

Westwood One Sports gets the glory of covering the game itself and it has a number of pregame specials and activities.

CBS Sports Radio is boasting that it has scheduled 50 hours of coverage. Jim Rome, Doug Gottlieb, Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney will be broadcasting their shows from Phoenix during the week while John Kincade will fly in for a Saturday show.

Fox Sports Radio’s Dan Beyer and J.T. The Brick will broadcast from Radio Row while Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen will take up residence with DirecTV across from the stadium during the week. Former football player and now FSR host Lincoln Kennedy will be on Radio Row for his Saturday morning program.

Yahoo Sports Radio is getting a later start, Wednesday, but tries to make up for it originating 17 of its 24 hours a day from Phoenix. Tony Desiere, Steve Czaban, Travis Rodgers are some of the YSR personalities that will be broadcasting from there, along with the “Talk of Fame,” “Prime Cut” and “Sports Radio X” shows.

With the Seattle Seahawks participating in the Super Bowl, it’s only natural that a Seattle sports talk station make the trek to Phoenix. KJR(AM) is basically moving to Phoenix for the week with most of its daily programming airing from there along with special Saturday and Sunday programs.

Though the 49ers didn’t make the big game this year, somehow the team at Entercom’s KGMZ(FM) in San Francisco talked the brass into sending a bunch of them to Phoenix to hang out. The “Flight 957” morning show along with afternoon block of “The Wheelhouse” and “The Damon Bruce Show” will air from Radio Row.