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2wcom Launches Dual-Channel FM02

Flexible unit handles FM demodulation, backup and FM/RDS monitoring

The FM02 FM receiver from 2wcom comprises functionality for the multiple roles of demodulation, source-switching for FM backup and FM/RDS parameter monitoring.

Dual-channel capability allows the unit to receive one FM signal for rebroadcasting, while monitoring a second FM signal with the second tuner. It can also receive the same signal on both tuners with one serving as backup. According to 2wcom, an FM tuner is key to the FM02’s specification and guarantees optimal FM performance.

For source switching in a backup solution, the FM02 receives an MPX signal and loops it through directly to the output. In case of failure the FM02 uses its tuner as a back-up solution to receive the MPX signal off the air. It is also able to loop through the signal in the event of a power failure. Furthermore, the FM02 can be used as part of a monitoring solution for both FM and RDS parameters.

With remote control via IP and SNMP, the 19-inch FM02, with dual tuners and dual antenna inputs, offers remote audio quality monitoring through its built-in MP3 streaming capability, the firm explains.