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AEQ Designs Remote Network Controllers

Offers range of control and management applications

MADRID — AEQ is known as a manufacturer of broadcast equipment but it is less well known as a developer of control and management applications. These are designed to allow among other things, the creation of radio broadcast networks.

For instance the Tele Server 3.1program was recently updated and adapted for Radio Popular de Madrid in Spain. It creates four satellite broadcast feeds, to which hundreds of remote stations are subscribing. It allows the stations to broadcast the contents of any of these four programs and switch between them using a scheduler. Further, it allows for the creation of customized contents for each station or group of stations.

The application enables the insertion of advertisement, news and other regional and local contents within the national or general programs. It also provides the necessary tools to switch the active signal to each station depending on desired schedule or to prepare programs with specific contents depending on for example, season and fixtures.

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Xal Control, implemented in la Xarxa in Barcelona was created to replace an obsolete, unidirectional satellite radio network with a full duplex network using AEQ Phoenix audio codecs. The system server does not provide network commands but directly controls all the codecs at the network headquarters and remote stations. It also controls the audio routing matrix at the main station, creating the required cross-points for the routing of the required audio between the codecs and the studio consoles.

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