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Alan Dick Ships Antenna Equipment

Dipole FM antenna and quarter-wave notch filter are new

Alan Dick Broadcast says its new Vertical Dipole FM broadcast antenna designed for applications such as HD Radio and analog broadcasting.

The antenna features a vertically polarized broadband FM side mount antenna with a balun-fed vertical dipole, power divider, coaxial feed lines and symmetrical band bass.

Made of stainless steel and equipped with a brass inner conductor, the firm explains that the antenna is assembled full size and factory tuned on an electrically similar tower structure to insure proper impedance match and low VSWR.

Also from Alan Dick is the CNQ FM coaxial quarter-wave notch filter, which features natural temperature stabilization, low insertion loss and VSWR packaged in a compact, high “Q” aluminum cavity. According to the company, the filter’s small footprint allows it to be mounted virtually anywhere in a transmission system.