Aldena Adds to Antenna Line

Company now offers various high-power solutions
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Aldena’s range of FM antennas now includes three specific solutions for high power applications (up to 12 kW per each antenna).

The ACF218 is a broadband FM double-crossed aluminum dipole antenna featuring omni-directional patterns with preferred direction. The ASE 01022x0 is a broadband FM dipole antenna in welded aluminum or stainless steel with preferred-direction omni-directional patterns, while the ASR0318 is a broadband-FM three-element Yagi.

As regards the firm's Band III-DAB antennas, the new ADC Series of omnidirectional coaxial antennas features vertical polarization pattern, low weight and wind load, and various gain levels up to 6.5 dB.

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In addition, the company has released EMLAB version for the design of antenna systems.