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AP Ups the Numbers

New test option drives APx525 FFT range to 1 MHz

Noting its 25th year in business, test equipment manufacturer Audio Precision has developed a 1 MHz option for the APx525 family of two- and four-channel audio analyzers. The development may be of particular interest to audio equipment designers.

Called the BW52 High-Bandwidth option, the enhancement brings the analyzer’s FFT performance up to 1 MHz, 24-bit amplitude resolution and 2 Hz of frequency resolution.

AP Chairman and cofounder Bruce Hofer noted, “Compared to the previous state of the art, an FFT of this length and resolution is like trading a pair of reading glasses for the Hubble telescope.”

The BW52 option is compatible with the Apx520, APx521, APx525, APx526 analyzers and will be available in Jan. 2010.