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Arbitron PPM to Count Channel 6 Aural Services

Pulse 87 GSM says station can now compete with other radio in market

Effective with the April 2009 report period, Arbitron is including the aural service of Channel 6 low-power TV stations that operate on 87.7 FM in its audience estimates for the Portable People Meter.

The additional stations must meet minimum reporting standards, be licensed by the FCC and be marketed exclusively to radio listeners. The programming must be audio-only programming or otherwise unaccompanied by visual advertising content.

These stations are authorized by the FCC to carry video content receivable on analog televisions, in addition to audio programming receivable on FM radios — although they carry no visual advertising content and promote their programming to radio listeners, rather than to television viewers.

Eligible stations will be reported with “alias” call letters beginning will the call letter “X” and will carry the suffix “FM.”

Mega Media Group is happy its Pulse 87, operating on 87.7 FM in New York will be measured by PPM under the new policy. The LPTV station, WNYZ(LP), will be able to compete with other radio stations for advertising agency revenue, according to station GSM Rick Hernandez.

“This is an important hurdle we have overcome,” said Hernandez. “Until now, agency buyers have been challenged with our visibility and their ability to compare us to the market.”