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Audinate Aims at FPGAs

IP Core software can easily and cheaply bring Dante to generic assemblies

Dante IP media network technology developer Audinate is looking to expand its reach by simplifying the installation of Dante in standard FPGA assemblies used by OEMs in building media equipment; reducing the need for dedicated chips.

Called Dante IP Core, it is a software set that the company says, “efficiently runs alongside OEM product applications such as ASRC, audio encryption, and signal processing on a range of Xilinx FPGAs, providing channel counts up to 512 x 512 with ultralow latency and sub-microsecond synchronization.” It adds that IP Core “provides all the interfaces required to be a fully functional Dante endpoint, including SiLabs clock synthesis, serial and parallel audio, DDR2 and SRAM, and a variety of standard control interfaces including UART, SPI and I2C.”

Pointing to Xilinx products, Audinate says that IP Core is compatible with the Spartan 6 family of FPGAs and a compatible version for the Artix 7 line should be coming in Q1 2018. 

Audinate Senior VP of Engineering Chris Ware said, “Dante IP Core gives savvy manufacturers something they’ve been requesting for a long time. … By integrating Dante IP into FPGA-based product designs, they can save costs, reduce board space, and more easily manage thermal constraints while adding features their customers demand.”