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Auralex SonoLite SonoKits Available

Acoustic treatment-in-a-box for small spaces

Acoustic treatment specialist Auralex has announced that its SonoLite SonoKits are now available.

The modular DIY room acoustic treatment-in-a-box kits consist of wall-mounted fabric-wrapped Auralex Studiofoam acoustic absorption panels and mounting adhesive. They are modeled after the company’s Studiofoam Roominator kits and should allow users to reduce unwanted acoustical reflections and tame excessive reverberations in both professional and residential settings. 

A SonoLite panel can be used for wall or ceiling applications, and included bass trap panels can be installed in either vertical or horizontal orientations where walls and ceilings meet.

Standard SonoLite panels are one-inch thick x two feet wide x two feet tall while the SonoLite bass traps are three inches thick x two feet wide x two feet tall. Colors available are tan and black.

The SonoLite SonoKit-1includes eight SonoLite panels, two SonoLite bass traps and 40 EZ-Stick Pro adhesive tabs. It is recommended for rooms 228 sq. ft. and smaller.

The SonoLite SonoKit-2 includes 12 SonoLite panels, four SonoLite bass traps and 64 EZ-Stick Pro adhesive tabs. The company says that it is recommended for rooms 228 sq. ft. and larger.