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Barix Highlights Audio Over IP Solutions

'Swiss Broadcast Knife' can handle STL/distribution challenges as well as numerous other tasks

Barix emphasized the various applications of its Exstreamer 1000, which it nicknamed the “Swiss Broadcast Knife.”

Applications for the modestly priced device include STL, AES/EBU interfacing, silence detection, remote monitoring and stored audio/message repeater applications.

The manufacturer recently announced the first Exstreamer 1000 installation in the United States. As RW reported earlier, Standard Media Group in North Hollywood, Calif., is using it to deliver its “Martini in the Morning” program over IP to KPHX(AM) in Phoenix as a replacement for satellite distribution.

The Exstreamer 1000 is an audio over IP device in a half-rack-width package that combines Barix Instreamer and Exstreamer functionality in one device. It is the first Barix Instreamer or Exstreamer device to include contact closures to trigger and control local announcements.