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Burk Schedules ARC Webinar

Learns ins and outs of the ARC Plus and SNMP

Burk Technology has scheduled another in its series of webinars focusing on operation of its ARC remote control systems.

Planned for the afternoon of May 21 or morning of May 23 is “ARC Plus and SNMP.” It will provide information on setting up the ARC Plus system to monitor and control of SNMP-enabled devices.

[NAB Engineering Handbook: Remote Control Systems]

Topics to be addressed will include: SNMP basics and terminology; adding an SNMP device to the ARC Plus; loading and navigating MIB files; adding meter, status and command channels; and troubleshooting tips.

For more information or to see past Burk webinars go here. Register here: May 21, 2–3 p.m. EST or May 23, 10–11 a.m. EST.