Burli Software Adds Podcast Engine to Newsroom System

Burli Software Adds Podcast Engine to Newsroom System
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Burli Software said it has added a News Podcast Engine to its newsroom system that lets journalists upload news audio as a podcast. It also creates podcasts automatically, which is suitable for podcasting of hourly or daily programs. Burli can record a copy of one or many regular broadcasts as they go out, and then immediately upload them as podcasts.
To podcast any audio in the system, users click on it and select the Podcast command, and it begins to upload. Title, date, summary and other information can be added manually by the user or created automatically by Burli based on configurable pre-sets.
Features include iTunes compatibility, making uploaded content accessible by iTunes or iPod users; and extended management options like automatically replacing old podcasts, embargoing a podcast, or embedding an image for display on newer iPod screens. The News Podcast Engine also creates standards-compliant XML summary and ID3 metadata, and uploads it to the Internet.
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